OFFI® Reviews simplifies purchases for every office

Choosing the most suitable office product is not easy for any consumer or buyer. It’s a task that does not come around every day, and the available options can be overwhelming.

OFFI® Reviews is the go-to platform for gaining insights into the qualities and characteristics of both office products and their respective suppliers. The information is meticulously curated by an independent institution with expertise in evaluating over 5,000 screened brands and more than 10,000 screened office products suppliers.

Unbiased. Without the influence of advertising, social media, influencers or self-proclaimed experts.

Easy for everyone to use

OFFI® Reviews provides insights that make selecting the best option easy, even with specific preferences and requirements. Read more about making choices when purchasing products and find overviews for products in the office and learning environment. Learn more about choosing a supplier and find overviews for manufacturers and suppliers. The combination of the best-rated product and the best-rated supplier determines the accuracy of the purchase decision.

Reliable and unique

OFFI® Reviews stands out globally as a unique authority. In comparison to other certifications and labels, it is the only platform that assesses all determining aspects of a product or supplier. Recognizable through the bronze, silver, and gold variants, the OFFI® audited PRODUCT logo signifies well-reviewed products, while the OFFI® audited SUPPLIER logo designates well-reviewed suppliers for the office and learning environments:

OFFI® audited PRODUCT logo for a well-reviewed product for an office and learning environment
OFFI® audited SUPPLIER logo for a well-reviewed supplier of products for office and learning environments

Expert rating

Experts assign scores for the eight different evaluation criteria. All scores contribute to what is collectively referred to as an 'Expert rating'.

Framework / Composition

Creating a review for a product or supplier is only possible with sufficient knowledge of the subject matter. Read on the product reviews and supplier reviews pages to learn about the unique way OFFI® Reviews are compiled.